Cannibalize synonym

Kuru is a disease of the nervous system. .

cannibalize翻譯:拆用;拼修;拼配。了解更多。 CANNIBALIZE 意味, 定義, CANNIBALIZE は何か: 1. Find 3 different ways to say CANNIBALIZE, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus Synonyms for CANNIBALIZES: uses, recycles, utilizes, employs, operates, reuses, applies, exploits; Antonyms of CANNIBALIZES: ignores, dumps, tosses, neglects, throws away, throws out, chucks, junks. Recent forum discussions about thesaurus entries: cannibalize - English Only forum. This is something that Albert Einstein, the origi. , from (an item, product, or business) in order to use them in another. The meaning of "cannibalism" has been extended into zoology to describe animals consuming parts of individuals of the same species as food Anatomically modern humans, Neanderthals, and Homo antecessor are known to have practised.

Cannibalize synonym

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Hydroponics was synonymous with growing copious amounts of weed in your apartment without much work, but these days hydroponic gardening is simply cutting-edge technology for susta. Full list of synonyms for Cannibalize is here. Other forms: cannibalized; cannibalizing; cannibalizes.

Are you tired of using the same words over and over again in your writing? Do you feel like your vocabulary is limited and you’re not able to express yourself as effectively as you. 108 Synonyms ; 1 Antonym ; more ; 10 Broader; 24 Related? List search. present participle of cannibalize 2. Definitions of cannibalize eat human flesh. 21 Cannibalize synonyms.

It’s a synonym for wea. Halloween is synonymous with sugar, and overloading cookies with chocolate, gummy worms, and sugar eyeballs is par for. to cannibalize old airplanes for replacement parts disassembling breaking apart breaking up taking apart. ….

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もっと見る Cannibalization is an important issue in marketing strategy when an organization aims to carry out brand extension. , from (an item, product, or business) in order to use them in another.

Synonyms: cannibalise strip for repair Cannibalize Sentence Examples. This week, we’re all about green hydrogen.

4 duct insulation sleeve lowe Synonyms for CANNIBALIZE: use, recycle, utilize, employ, operate, exploit, reuse, harness; Antonyms of CANNIBALIZE: dump, ignore, chuck, toss, throw away, throw out, neglect, junk. janemelbxocamper sales saskatchewan Synonyms: cannibalise strip for repair Cannibalize Sentence Examples. 81 other terms for cannibalize - words and phrases with similar meaning. IPA guide. spirit of halloween near me Other forms: cannibalized; cannibalizing; cannibalizes. pimple popping youtube 2009lowes hours sundayjobs that pay weekly near me To remove serviceable parts from for use in the repair of other equipment of the same. cannibalize in American English. kenmore vacuum cleaners Prune Belly syndrome is known by many other names. Is Cannibalism a Myth? - The cannibalism myth exists because there's not always hard evidence for an instance of anthropophagy. personalfinancecanadaskeleton referencehouses for sale north syracuse ny Founded in Milan, Italy, in 1913 by Mario Prada, the brand started as a leather goods company In every conversation or discussion, finding common ground and shared perspectives is essential. This translates to decreased sales volume and revenue, as well as a reduction in market share.